Friday, September 10, 2010

Facebook: A Rant and A Rumble

Yeah, I Facebook.

It all started because I am a nosy parent and I wanted to see what Boy was up to since he didn't live at home. I wanted to see the funny pictures. I wanted to know who his friends were. I was stalking him.

Stalker Mom!

Then, in the course of time, Girl requested a Facebook account as well. What's a mom to do? Sign her up and have every, single, last, blasted alert come to my email. That is what a Stalker Mom does.


She also lays down the rule that any guy who wants to friend Girl must friend her mother. Lame. I know. Stalker, remember?

Anyway, I've hooked up with a few friends from high school. That's been kinda fun. I've also denied linking up to those folks from school who didn't like me back why should we be "friends" now? Yeah, I don't think so.

I've got friends from work. Friends from church. Friends of friends. I am friends with a couple of YOU over on FB too. Isn't that fun? Or is it weird cause we've never actually met? Hmmm.....Stalker?

Recently, a former co-worker re- friended me. She had left the gym rather suddenly in a cloud of drama. She's been gone for several months and I've only laid eyes on her a few times since then. I heard through the grapevine that she was sniffing around, trying to get her job at the gym back. Whatevah. She wasn't the most dependable employee, but at least she knew the job and she was a cleaning queen!

Former co-worker wrote me a little FB note apologizing for the "drama" and hoped that we could still be friends. I replied that she didn't owe me an apology and of course we could be friends.

All this last a smattering of days, because as soon as she learned that the clubs owner had hired two other people...former co-worker unfriended me.


So, I did what any crabby, middle aged woman would do. I sent her message calling her on the carpet and telling her that she was "lame".

Gee, I just showed her, didn't I?

Or did I?

Pathetic. Yes, I know. All these cyber relationships are hard to figure out. Whose friends with whom, for what purpose, and do we all really care about the mundane status updates? I know my updates are pretty darn lame. And who among you is all concerned about my boxed up house? My stressful job? My weekend plans?

I'm keeping my FB account. I have to keep an eye on Boy and Girl. Okay, I don't have to. They are both adults, but it's kinda nice to see what everyone is up to. But I'm not posting any more stupid status updates about going back to bed or cleaning my house.

I suppose I may be missing the point. Maybe this entire FB thing isn't all that bad or all that good. Maybe it's only a monster if I let it be a monster.


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Roo said...

My sister's step-daughter (12 years old) "unfriended" her because Sis caught her being sneaky and lying. Dad (BIL) confronted her about it and she denied it. Next day step-daughter was no longer on Sis's friend list.

I guess what I'm saying is your former co-worker accted like a 12-year old.