Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Negative Nelly

Today is my forty-third birthday.

My Beloved bought me a house.

Ain't that swell?

We haven't moved in yet due to the fact that we are painting, painting, painting. We also have carpet to rip up. It's beautiful carpet, in most of the house anyway. However, underneath that silver/grey carpet lurks...

beautiful, original, hard wood floors!

My brother-in-law's mouth fell open when he saw them. He's a construction guy. He knows his stuff. So when  we pulled up corners of carpeting he looked at Beloved, his little bro', and said, "You realize that you are not only getting hardwood floors, but you've just increased the value of your home by several thousand dollars."

They are the original floors, laid in 1960, that have never seen the light of day. There were no pets in the house. We may really have hit the jackpot here.

But even with all the wonderful things about our little green house, there are still those who have been Negative Nelly. FIL, for one. He's made comments such as,

"Now you'll know what work is..."

"You're going to have a problem with that..."

"Boy, have you got your work cut out for you..."

Yeah, cause we haven't worked our butts off on his stupid farm for the last fifteen years.

We didn't remodel his bathroom.

We didn't sheet rock the ceiling in his house.

Or build a couple of extra rooms.

Or deal with his ANT problem.

Or his septic issues.

Or his well issues.

He's right, we have no idea what we are in for.


One thing I have noticed, neither Beloved or I are cranky about the work we've done thus far. It's been hard work but so rewarding.

All because it's OUR home.

So, Mr. Negative Nelly, take your bad attitude home to your farm. Feed your cows. Mow your lawn. Take care of your own business.

And we'll take care of ours.


tootie said...

Happy Birthday, my dear!!

That's awesome about the hard wood floors! Sounds like a good birthday gift to me :)

Island Rider said...

Happy Happy Birthday. Hardwood Floors are a great gift. and you know WHO knew they were underneath that ugly carpet didn't you? Pictures, please!

T. Paine said...

Isn't success in ones endeavors the best revenge? :)