Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Run, Girl, Run!

I use to run.

I ran every other day.

I ran on Sunday before church.

I ran.

The first time I ran two miles, I cried.

I heard the Rocky theme.

I never wanted to stop.

I flipped the finger at being over forty and overweight.

I ran.

And then I started a new job. I battled losing friends. I tried to learn how to balance work and family and school.

And I didn't run.

I kept saying that I would run...come spring...when the weather was better.

But spring came and went.

Then summer and I still didn't run.

This year I promised myself that I would run.

But I didn't. Instead I took care of FIL and his broken ankle and his cows and his farm and...

Now it's August and I still haven't run.

But I can feel it bubbling up inside me. The need. The want. The desire.

To run.

I read a runners blog. Well, she's a runner and political IN YOUR FACE kinda blogger. She's a baker of cake (cake!). A mom. A wife. A great writer.

She's snarky. I like that.

Her latest running blog, well, it got me thinking. And wishing. And dreaming.

You can read it HERE.

My blog yesterday talked about wanting more. 

Maybe running is the more I've been missing.

Run Girl Run!


A. K. said...

Wow! Reading the post left me breathless. I felt like i was really running. LOL.. Will surely check out her blog..

patti said...

WHAT?! i gets a linkity link?! thanky ma'am, but more importantly, you CAN DO IT again. i just got back from my 6-miler training run (BRAGGER!) and was thinking about the new runner series i am writing and how great it would be to actually encourage new runners.

miss annie, you have so many changes happening. a run would help you through this fog.

i'm 48 (faint) and still runnin'. i need me some interwebs partners in crime ;)

tootie said...

I haven't run in so long that I can't even remember when I ran last. Best of luck with getting back into it! :)