Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Long Walk

This home buying business is like a long walk.

Sometimes it's like one of those ideal walks, where the sunlight streams through the trees. It's cool and the birds flit about above your head and you think this is a place you never want to leave. It's peaceful and beautiful.

At other times, this madness, is more like being stuck at the far end of a parking lot in the pouring rain...with toddlers...just shoot me now.

Last week, on the day we expected to hear either an acceptance of our offer to the bank, or a counter offer, we heard this instead:

The bank has let the house go into foreclosure

Even though they had an offer on the table.

Even though ours was the FIRST offer in six months.

Even though it was a fair offer.

The greedy, no good, rotten, self serving, bank passed up on a sale of a property that would have kept the original owner from going into foreclosure and made the bank some money.

So, now, we are back to square one.

No more short sales for us thanks.

And still I dream of white, wide open kitchen.


A. K. said...

That's bad...Bank's, not my favorite!

T. Paine said...

Amazing. I don't suppose this is one of the banks that profited from our tax-payer bailouts though, is it?

Sorry to hear that their foolishness has hurt the owner and you and your fantastic Blazer-loving hubby! ;)

Island Rider said...

I have a coworker who is in the same boat. Tried to sell her house through short sale and the bank rejected the offer, too. Now she is being foreclosed upon and that same bank expects her to pay them $45,000 even though she is losing her home. No reasoning with them. I am sorry about "your" house. Will you go back to the second one on your list? Perhaps that bank will deal.

Annie said...

No more short sales for us!

Michael said...

Gotta be more to that story--banks don't want property, just money.