Monday, August 23, 2010

Cha Cha Changes

There's a lot going on.

A lot of changes.

Boy is officially leaving Sunday. This trip will eventually end with him working in India in a few months.

That's a big change.

Girl is struggling with what to do, where to go, how to spend her hard earned summer money.

She'll be 18 in a smattering of days.

I am now the mother of "adult" children.


The house hunt continues. On Friday night we looked at no less than thirteen homes. Highlights from this latest venture included:

The house of animal feces - Which Marisa the Marvelous refused to enter. I got as far as the entry way.

The house of many colors, styles, and rooms - this one had so many rooms added on that you never knew which time period you were in. But it was cool and huge. It featured no appliances and a stairway that led to an unfinished and really scary attic. It had a huge deck and a yard you could get lost in. The man cave was so large that even Beloved admitted it was too much space.

There was the little house that sat just down the street from some friends of ours. Girl would be happy there. It was also a stones throw from my work. The kitchen was minuscule but that was okay. It had a huge wooden deck that would need replacing in a few years. The rooms weren't huge, but livable. Beloved moved it to the top of his list while I couldn't get over the taxes! It was the same size as the house we lost, but on a smaller lot and the taxes were nearly $300 more. Essh!

My favorite was the house that had been totally trashed by the previous occupants. It featured crayon markings on most of the house. Marisa the Marvelous and I looked at each other in disbelief. Who let's the kids do that? The kitchen was the only room they had updated and it was terrific...except for the pot rack that would have clocked anyone taller than me every time they walked in the room. It also featured...and this is just too good...a storage shed wwwwaaaayyyy in the back yard. A "storage" shed complete with water plumbing....and....wait for it....grow lights....

Marisa the Marvelous suggested we use it, as the previous owners had, to supplement our income.

Grow lights....

There was the non descript house, a two story farm house, and the house in the neighborhood where the neighbors glared at us and we decided to stay in the car. Creepy.

Then...there was the little green house...

More on that one later.

As I look around my living room, I see empty boxes waiting to be filled, pictures of children who have grown into adults, and things to be taken to the mission. There are so many changes coming and I wonder where we'll be next year.


Dawn Smith (Bee and Rose) said...

The perfect place is just around the corner! I love your descriptions! We just went through this so I feel your pain...

Hang in there!

A. K. said...

13 houses in a day! WOW!
India! Well let him know that if he needs any help in and around Delhi, I would be more than happy! :)

Island Rider said...

Keep looking. You'll find it. In God's timing. Praying for boy.