Monday, July 12, 2010

Finders Keepers

I'm on a cleaning spree. Or rampage. Or shoot to kill mission.

Is it just me or are we pack rats? Yeah, that's what I thought too. We are pigs with too much stuff.

I started with the bookshelves. I am a book lover. Mmmmm I do love me so lit. It pretty much doesn't matter what kind either. I've got the classics by Moliere, Turgenev, and Keats. There's the children's section that includes works by Cleary, Lee, Henty and Austen. Reference books, dictionaries, Bible this and Bible that. Thar be maps o' the world, and dusty ancient lit worth a penny or two.

The reality is that we no longer have wee children clamoring for a bed time story. Time to clean the shelves. Of course, I'll keep the really, really good stuff, but some of this stuff has got to go!

I moved on to our vast selections of VHS tapes. Yes we still have a machine that works, but I'm not so sure we really need to keep Lady and the Tramp or Tall Tale on VHS. I am fairly certain that those are out on DVD now.

I cleaned out our two end tables and found all sorts of strange stuff. There were a wide assortment of pens and papers, as well as old school work from Boy's time. I found a folded up, hand made card from Boy for a Mother's  Day long past. Boy had glued pictures of wild animals on the paper and wrote in block letters,

"Have a wild Mother's Day Like a Wild Mother Should"



I kept it.

I also found, tucked carefully into a folder the ultra sound pictures of Girl. How they got where they were found is a mystery.

I kept those too.

I cleaned out my desk and found clips from my published work. I found two plays I wrote in high school and nearly burnt them. No one should have to read such drivel. Egad what a drama queen!

I found documents from when we lived in the apartment...fifteen years ago.

How long should you hold on to that kind of stuff anyway?

And I found a love me....from  Beloved...awwwww

All in all, it's been a productive afternoon. If I can keep this up, I may actually have the entire house clean by fall.

I think I need a hobby.


Roo said...

YOU GO GIRL! That is exactly what I'm trying to do. Making a little progress.

Good luck!!!!

A. K. said...

I can't even remember the last time i cleaned my hope. Even i have a very old VCR player and some old tapes (Terminator 1 and 2)