Monday, June 07, 2010

Yoda Says...

My tooth broke. It broke right after I left the dentist office. Evil, evil tooth.

Actually, I woke up yesterday morning with jaw pain.

"Belt me in the jaw, did someone?"

It was right after that lovely feeling that I realized there was a crack in my tooth.

"Supposed to be there, it is not!

Are you diggin' my Yoda voice today?

Let me just say, for the record, that I love my dentist. He's great! He's nice and it doesn't hurt that he's easy on the eyes.

"Good looking, he is..."

Anyways, Dentist poked around and said things like; crowns, fillings, possible extraction. He made it all sound so painless...

The bad news was that I couldn't get an appointment for two weeks. But hey, that's okay, it's not like the tooth is broken...


"Broken, it is."

It happened on my way home. How weird is that?

I phoned the Dentist office and they had a cancellation! Hurray! I nearly danced! I get to go in for a couple hours of dental work on Wednesday. Isn't that wonderful?

"Stoopid, she is!"


T. Paine said...

Hmmm, would not have happened, if a Blazer fan you had been! :)

C. said...

You are SO lucky to have found a dentist you truly like and trust (and who is easy on the eyes!)...good luck!