Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Things I've Learned Being Down South

I head for the green state tomorrow morning. I wish I could say this has been a "fun" trip, but it hasn't. This was a working trip and brother, we have worked!

But I've learned a couple of things about y'all down here in the South:

Cowboy boots may be worn with anything; sundresses, jeans, shorts, sweat, it's all good.

Southern gentlemen are charming and hold the door and say things like, "Yes ma'am".

Y'all eat boiled peanuts...

The fog lays on the river and gently crawls up the river banks in a slow and meandering way.

Drivers between TN and KY drive like it's Nascar. Seriously.

When you are getting ready to say something not so nice about someone, y'all begin with, "Bless her heart..."

And I don't think I have ever witnessed more corruption, more dishonesty, or such blatant disregard for the Constitution than in this little county I've been staying in. All I can say is this county has gotten far too big for it's britches and needs to be taken out to the woodshed.

There's more....much more...but I'm too tired to write it just now.


Island Rider said...

Oh, dear. Praying...

Patti said...

thank you for spelling "y'all" correctly. nothing steams me faster than when foreigners (non-southerners) get it wrong, bless their hearts. (see?! "bless your heart" is enter-changeable. front or back of statement works it's magic). i know the folks at home miss you. now git.

Barrie said...

Boiled peanuts??? Did you try some?