Monday, May 24, 2010

I'd Just like to Throw Up

Yes, I did just say that. And if you know how I'm feeling give me a big heck yeah! Stress. It's a killer.

I'm running on 2.45 hours of sleep. I should mention it was sleep that took place on a hotel room floor. So, I'm not certain I can truly count that as sleep.

I had half a cup of hotel coffee - bleh

I had oatmeal

I had a large diet coke

I had a sonic mint...

Speaking of Sonic, I just had my very first Sonic meal. It was yummy but I have to admit that I think I have eaten my weight in fried foods since arriving in the South. I do wonder about the life expectance here in these parts. They truly do put bacon grease in darn near everything. If it doesn't move, they fry it. If it does move, they shoot it...then fry it.

It's a wonder my clothes still fit.

I did not eat lunch today. I.Just.Can't.

So, I'm sitting here in a room that is overly warm, surrounded by folks who talk funny, and wishing I had a saltine cracker.

and a cool Oregon breeze.

and my cat.

and my girl.

I think I'm homesick.


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Patti said...

sonic: it's where everyone knows my name....