Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Devil in a Devin Suit

Just about two years ago I wrote a blog about Devil in a Devin suit. He's the infamous woman beater, drug addict, convicted felon, who danced into our lives for a short period of time. He can be charming and very personable, but it's all a front.

He's the type of guy who beats women for Pete's sake.

I'd like to run him over with my car.

I'd like to stomp his a$$ into the ground and then run him over with my car.

Any body gotta gun? Oh wait, I have my own.

Sorry. He brings out the worst in me.


He's been in and out of jail. He's been bailed out by his father, Worm Tongue Denny. The justice system seems to have forgotten that bad dudes belong locked up, not roaming the streets free and clear doing whatever they desire.

Back around Christmas we learned that there was a shooting in the small, rural town where he hangs his hat and it was rumored that he had been killed.

He wasn't.

Pity that.

I seldom give Devil in a Devin suit any thought. Except when our great nephew is here. Sometimes I worry. I worry that the Devil in a Devin suit will peek in my windows. He's done it before. I worry he'll kick my dog. He's done that before too. I worry I'll run out of bullets and will have to reload before the police arrive.

The reason for today's blog is that he has finally made the evening news! Yes! Carjacking! Robbery! Attempted murder!

At long last he may finally have committed enough crimes to lock his sorry butt away for a long, long, long time.

I am a hopeful woman today. I am trusting in a justice system that promises to protect the innocent and convict the guilty.

May justice be served!

And soon! He's on the lamb, but I'm sure it won't be for long. After all, I think his GPS on his cell phone is still on. Easy to track those you know.


T. Paine said...

Sad when it takes carjacking, robbery, and attempted murder for our justice system to finally decide to do something substantial in punishing this piece of human debris.

Travis Erwin said...

Hope he gets what he deserves.