Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Be warned...I'm feeling snickery.

I'm sick, so we'll just use that as my excuse for what follows. Leave now, trust me on this.

I read part of an article/interview with John Mayer. What a dink. Seriously. Poor John Mayer. Every woman on the planet knows he's gasp famous, so he can only date people he knows.


Then I read that Madonna is giving a few coins to help with the Haiti disaster. Funny, cause Pitt and that big lipped woman he's with gave a cool million.

I am not follower of celebrities. I think they are silly and too full of themselves.

That's not to say that I won't read thatmagazine when I'm in the doctor's office. Yes, it is also true that if Soldier Mommy leaves her copy of that other celeb magazine at my house, I will read it. I will.

But, am I the only one who thinks these people are ridiculous? Brittany who? Who cares!

Give me a story about the common people. The little people. Tell me how they overcame great odds. Show me why they shake their fist at the MAN and try to change the world. Give me something real to glory in. Just keep the celebrity dribblings far from me.

Those nutcases (and you know they are) in Hollyweird should be locked up.

Sheen! Punk, kick him to the curb.

Winehouse? Hello! Rehab and detox sweetheart!

I just don't understand all the fuss. These folks put their pants on the same way everyone else does, one leg at a time. Yet, they make millions of dollars and drink/smoke/abuse themselves to death. Don't even get me started on their children. But answer this question for me; why would Jon and Kate submit their children for public viewing?

money money money money money money!

Thus ends today's snicker.

Don't say I didn't warn you.


patti said...

pumpkin, you need a doodle to soothe the snicker! or a dilly bar, i don't know which...

Anonymous said...

I wanna know where CPS is to protect their children!!!! OH THAT's RIGHT THEY HAVE $$$$

Hey do you think Brangelina's children will eventually have the same problems that RAD kids have that are adopted from overseas? Hmmmm. . .