Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Protectors of the Princess

We have a new member at the gym. She's has fire-red hair and the sky blue eyes. She's a young thing, just a teenager really and when she smiles, well gosh, you just have to smile back.

She's also autistic.

Her mother wanted her in a gym, because she's gaining weight, it happens when you are autistic. Heck, it happens when you're forty-two and look at a cookie!

For the most part, Princess is doing pretty well. In fact, last night she complete the entire circuit. I was so proud of her. She was overcome with pride, her face turned red and she hung her head, hiding beneath her fiery-red hair. You could just make out the hint of a smile underneath those locks.

Her mommy asked if she felt good and she replied with a soft yes.

What a great feeling.

When she first came in my co-workers and I worried about how she'd do. Would she be able to keep up and understand our directions? Would she listen to us? Would she slow the circuit down?

For the most part, we have amazing (amazing!) gym members. They are supportive, kind, and friendly. Yet, there are a handful that need a swift kick in the hind quarter.

These were the ones we were worried about.

And although we didn't share our concerns with the other members, two ladies came forward to voice their support for Princess.

One said she wanted to know when Princess would be in, so that she could workout beside her, keeping a buffer between her and others on the circuit. This darling did just that last night and she cheered right along with me, my co-worker, and mommy when Princess completed her workout.

The other lady made a point of telling me that she was glad Princess joined and she wanted to know if anyone gave her a hard time.

"I was watching to see if anyone was annoyed, because I WILL take care of it!" She stated.

She wasn't joking either. She made it abundantly clear that if anyone gave Princess so much as a dirty look while she was there, that she was gonna open up a can.

These two ladies have taken it upon themselves to be the protectors of the princess. Isn't that great?!

Princess is special in many ways and I'm beginning to think that one of her many special talents is bringing out the best in people.

Don't you wish we all had that gift?


Roo said...

How neat! There are still many good people, but unfortunately the gloom of the "badies" overshadows the "goodies". GO PRINCESS!

amyanne said...

Hi Annie! Thanks for stopping by my blog this week - do make the baked apples, they really are super easy.

Loved your Princess post. Hope all is well with you!