Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mean Yellow Eyed Dog

I am sitting at the Giver's house with a small, tiny, miniature, fuzzy, black poodle on my lap. Her name is Chloe, but everyone calls her Doodle. She really about the size of doodle if you think about it.

She's a yippy little thing who doesn't really like men. She likes to yip at Beloved whenever he's around. I think she has little dog syndrome because she rules the roost around here. The cats steer clear of her, which cracks me up because she's about as big as a load of bread. A small loaf of bread.

As I sit in this silent house, with the Doodle warming my lap, I think about my dog at home. My BIG dog.

My Dog is a shepherd-chow mix. He weighs in somewhere around 80lbs. He has yellow eyes. Yellow like a lion. Yellow like a killer.

Down boy, down!

He's really not much of a killer. Not really. My dog is getting up in age and not much excites him these days. Oh, he can run...if he has to...but he'd really rather find a warm spot and lie in the sun.

I once introduced my BIG dog to Doodle. He wasn't impressed. Doodle, on the other hand was totally into checking him out. He just walked away.

Doodle has also spent time at our home with our bipolar kitty, Dingo.

Dingo is even less impressed with Doodle than our dog was.

He hisses.

He gives Doodle the, "I'm going rip your head off and make you care it around in a bag," look.

She doesn't care.

She tries to eat his cat food.

She hogs every ones attention.

She sleeps in Dingo's spot.

Theirs is not exactly a love born in heaven. Maybe hell, but certainly not heaven.

The Giver is out of town this week, attending the funeral for her brother. Girl and I will be hanging out in town, watching television (remember, we don't have a television), and listening to the neighbors. How do you townies do it?

Anyway, we'll be hanging out with the Doodle. She makes a great little lap warmer, but just between us, I prefer a dog I can't kick across the room. I like a dog that can rip the face off of an intruder and live to tell about it.

Yeah, give me a big dog, with mean yellow eyes.

Only, make sure and wake up him up, cause that dog loves to nap.

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Sandcastle Momma said...

Little dogs always crack me up with their big attitude. We have a miniature rat terrier that thinks he's a pit bull. There is a man who lives down the street from us who is about 5'3 and he acts just like a little dog with big dog syndrome. Every time I'm around him I have to try and not giggle.