Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Semi-Wordless Wednesday

In a matter of days, these two dudes are going to invade. See, they have on their war faces. I cannot wait to do Christmasy things with them!

Christmas with the boys! The only thing that would make this Christmas better, would be if she were here too.

Can we do Christmas in July this year?


Roo said...

I want to write that I'm happy for you that "your" boys are coming "home." But I feel bad for the circumstances which brings them back to you. What a cad!!!!!

Oh well... looks like a happy holiday season in your home. Please share pictures when it's done.


Anonymous said...

She looks adorable - soldier mommy - please give her our best and let her know we appreciate what is doing for our country and we pray for her safe return to her adorable boys.