Saturday, December 12, 2009


There's been news and not of the good sort. I had another run in with Nasty Karma Girl, learned of the pending destruction of wedding vows, and had to keep myself from slapping someone.

Sometimes it's hard to keep from feeling disturbed by it all.

Nasty Karma Girl needs a swift kick in the butt. A few weeks ago, when I offered the white branch of peace, she flung it back at me. I suppose I should be glad that witch didn't decided to use the branch as a weapon and beat me black and blue. Then again if she had I could have pressed charges and had the looney locked up. Pity.

The thought of running in to her is making me anxious. Sometimes I can feel my heart race and my mind invents all sorts of scenarios. Of course, it's my mind so I usually win and am oh, so, witty too. Snicker.

Then someone emailed me the following quote:

He who angers you, controls you

I have to say that gave me a lot of things to think about. In the end, I've just prayed that God would keep my enemy far from me!

Either that, or let me win.

I do like to win....

In other news, the General has been playing hanky-panky with some trollop while Soldier Mommy is fighting for her country in place hot and sandy. I've never been a fan of the General. Frankly, I can't stand the little pip-squeak, but I've got to wonder something: what do women find in him that is so attractive?

Seriously! I remember the first time I met the General. I had been told that he was a real LADIES MAN. I expected GI Joe; tall, good looking, muscles, and a bit of bravado. What I saw was short, be speckled, balding, and an ego the size of the Pentagon.

I whispered to Beloved, "This is a ladies man? Boy, the standards have fallen since I was on the market!"

True story.

I feel so bad for Soldier Mommy. I feel terrible for the Game Master and Mister Smiley. Yet, I feel the most for the General's biological son, Texas. This poor kid has had more step-mothers than Starbucks has lattes. He's spent his entire life watching his father jump from bed to bed to bed.

Having had a father who couldn't CONTROL himself, I know what that does to a kid, especially to a boy.

Poor, poor Texas.

Poor, poor Soldier Mommy - she's stuck in the sand, far from her boys, dealing with a situation that is both devastating and frustrating.

I've offered to go over and spit in the General's eye. How's that for being lady like?

All this and the need not to slap someone whose asking for it makes me cranky.

I just want to have a peaceful Christmas with those that I love best. I need to remember that little quote above.

Maybe it's time to bake some Christmas cookies and put good ol' Bing on. Maybe make a cup of tea and remember all that God has done for me. Perhaps it's time for a Christmas movie.


T. Paine said...

"Ladies man"? Guys like this I don't even classify as men. Is honor an outdated anachronism these days? I know there are still some men in the world, but the younger generations sure seem to be short of them. As for bad karma lady, sounds like she is getting ready to receive a bunch of bad karma in spades. Doesn't matter that I don't believe in it if she does. Hang in there, Annie!

Sandcastle Momma said...

What a jerk. I feel so bad for Soldier Mom. Like being deployed isn't enough to deal with.
I wish we lived closer - I'd come over - we'd go spit on the General together and then spend the rest of the day with tea and Bing.
Since we don't I'll be there in spirit!