Saturday, October 10, 2009

What in the World?

I rented the movie, Coraline from Netflix for the weekend. Since we do not subscribe to satellite television or cable and our television set is older than my cat, Netflix has become our close and personal friend.

However, we are also kinda picky when it comes to what we watch. I figured a PG KIDDIE movie would be okay, maybe even a little dull. Boy, was I wrong.

Coraline it the creepiest kid movie evah!

My children, ages 19 and 17, burst into my room around midnight last night to inform me that Coraline is a CREEPY, CREEPY MOVIE!

They both laughed hysterically...and feigned that they couldn't possibly go to sleep because they were too scared.

I had only watched part of the movie because I was tired, but I could tell by the little I had seen that I wasn't all that interested. It was creepy and I don't do creepy.

So, I'm just wondering, who rated this movie PG?

Okay, there wasn't any blood or bad language or sex, but still.

At least this selection was better than my last whimsical Australian film featuring full front nudity.




I think I'll turn the movie decision making over to the kids. At least I'll know what I'm getting:

Jane Austen

Jack Black

And the like.

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