Monday, October 12, 2009

A Few Things I Love

I do love me some Stargate. Yep, it's true. I like my sci-fi, but I like it clean, without a bunch of skin or gore.

I haven't made up my mind about Stargate Universe. Thus far I've only seen the first two episodes. We shall see.

Bath and Body Works. I love this store. Smelly soaps and lotions for everyone in the family. My two favs Midnight Pomegranate Anti-Bacterial hand gel and Lemon Kitchen soap. Delicious!

I know, right? Laughing Cow Lite Cheese and red grapes. Yummy!

And yes, I love going to they gym. I love working out and feeling good about myself. I adore that I have muscles and that I am stronger than I have ever been in my life.

Starbucks, hmmmm. I stopped drinking caffeine and switched to decaf. Now, I've given up decaf which leaves me this:

A tall, light ice, green-tea lemonade equals 100 calories. It's a real treat!

I adore fall. Its crisp wind, brilliant colors, and pumpkins! Makes me want to make pumpkin curry soup.

Season finale was the bomb! I love this show and its realistic and sometimes painful representation of being a fat girl. You know I'm rooting for Jane to be happy with herself, regardless of which dude she ends up with.

No. C22 lipstick. The only lipstick from Sephora that I have ever purchase. The only one I have ever spent $12.00 on. Yes, $12.00 for a LIPSTICK. Crazy, but it was birthday money so I don't feel tooooo bad. I adore this color and think I'll wear it for the rest of my life!

Now, these cartoons always make me laugh or think or whatever. I think they are a lot of fun and just a little bit sarcastic. Kinda like me!

Thus ends this rambling post of things I adore. What do you adore?


Janie at Sounding Forth said...

Lots! I'll have to think about it and get back to you!

tootie said...

Ditto on the kitchen lemon (my favorite scent because it smells so clean) and the laughing cow cheese! (I blame my mom on the laughing cow - she got me hooked!)

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Love, love, love Bath & Body. Moonlight Path is my favorite scent. Besides, it's purple. :)