Tuesday, October 06, 2009


Fall is officially here. I noted it as I opened the front door this morning to bid Beloved goodbye. The air was crisp and damp. A sure sign that summer has departed.

The pumpkins are ripe and ready for harvesting. School children will be visiting the local farms and choosing the perfect orange squash to carve up.

It dawned on me that Thanksgiving is next month.

Then there's Christmas...

Is it just me, or is time accelerating?

I am astonished at all the things I haven't completed this year. I still have tomato plants that need to be pulled up. Hoses need to be put away. Then there is the matter of the bulbs that didn't get transplanted. Essh.

I think I need two of me.

Next months calendar is already filling up and I'm astonished at the busy, busy that is taking place. We have a 50th wedding anniversary to help with, our own anniversary, a fundraising banquet that we are helping to plan, and of course there is Turkey Day as well.

Among all this, Girl still has school work to complete, classes to attend, and a ahem social life. Beloved and I still have to work, still have to clean house, pay our bills, and do all the other little things that we do. Boy is making college plans and recovering from his illness.

Sometimes...I just want to lock the door, turn off the phones, and hide in my cave.

I think those hermits may be on to something.

The funny thing is, all of this will soon pass and we'll be on to the next event. Time waits for no man. I suppose that I should make the most of these years. You know, seize the day!

Outside my window, the sky is a sparkling, crisp blue. Dew is still clinging to the grass in the shady places, and my dog is looking at me with those big brown eyes that say, "Can I come in? I'm cold."

It's a beautiful time of the year. It really is. Maybe it's time to slow down and watch the leave turn.

They are going to anyway and it's a show we shouldn't miss.


Kristen said...

Man, I've been thinking these very same thoughts a lot lately. It's almost depressing, 'time waits for no man.' I know I don't enjoy the little things in life as much as I should because I'm always in a hurry and trying to get things DONE instead of just DOING things that really matter.

tootie said...

I know - I feel like time is on warp speed! Christmas is going to be here before we know it.

Janie at Sounding Forth said...

This year has gone extremely fast!! Sometimes I think time is accelerating!