Wednesday, September 30, 2009

How They Learn

It's that time of year.

No, I am not referring to fall.

Or Halloween.

Or Oktoberfest (which actually takes place in September...Yeah, them German's are some kooky folks!).

It's the time of year that I go and see my doctor.

She's a peach, she really is. Tall, orange-red hair, uber hip spectacles, and always wearing some form of orange. She has the body of a runner and a keen sense of humor. She knows I don't take myself too seriously and that she shouldn't either.

Today, as luck would have it, was one of her teaching days. Meaning, of course, that she had a second year med student with her. The CNA asked me if I minded if the student "observed".

"Is it a man or a woman?" I quarried. I have a thing about male doctors. No offense, but really dude, you can study all you like, but you are NOT a girl and you will never, ever understand all the girlie girliness that we girls go through. I'm just sayin'.

Med student was a twenty-three-year old, second year med student. Cute as a bug! Eager! Friendly! And I'm certain she is the apple of her mother's eye (she's the oldest of three...little over-achiever!).

Health care being what it is, I've never spent more than fifteen minutes with my doctor. Ever.

Today, she was in no hurry. Dr. Orange was making a "good impression" on her student. She asked me questions she's never asked me in all the years I've been her patient.

"Do you have a faith that you follow?"

har har har

My response: "I don't believe you have ever asked me that question. I happen to be one of those Bible thumping Christians. If you'd like to know more we could CERTAINLY discuss it."

Knock, this thing on?


"How is your relationship with your mother?"

One word of advice, never admit to anyone in the medical profession that you have a loony in the family bin. They squint at you...the say, "hmmmm"...they start looking at you as if the family madness is spreading and you've caught it!

All the while, Med Student smiled and scribbled notes.

I have this fear that I'll end up as a case study somewhere. You know, the woman who kept cracking jokes and proselytizing the doctor. I'm sure she'll note that madness runs in the family...

It's only a matter of time.


Mike T. said...

You truly crack me up, ma'am!

Island Rider said...

Gotta love those med students. Some day they will be our primary care and we will be coaching them through menopause!