Monday, September 28, 2009


1. I turned forty-two today.

2. I found the perfect lipstick.

3. I had coffee with one of my best friends.

4. I received a beautiful covered casserole dish.

5. I did laundry.

6. I had lunch with my Beloved and my Boy.

7. I received two books; Easy on the Eyes by Jane Porter (fav!), and South of Broad by Pat Conroy (all time fav!).

8. I cleaned the cat box.

9. I mopped the floor.

10. I thought about going to the gym…and didn’t…

11. I talked to the Singer, the Giver, and Red.

12. I’ll be meeting Red at the gym in an hour.

13. I talked to the Stalker too.

14. I took down the clothes line – fall is here.

15. I wondered if my mother remembered it was my birthday. Not that I’m expecting or want anything. From her.

16. I laid out the ingredients for banana bread; but haven’t made it yet.

17. I watched the clouds roll in as I sat, for one last time, on my patio.

18. I learned that Chris Klicka, of Homeschool Legal Defense, is near death. I feel sad for his wife and children.

19. I missed my Omi saying, “Happy Birthday”.

20. I swept the floor.

21. I curled my hair.

22. I cleared off the kitchen table.

23. I re-read my blogs about Omi. Sniffle.

24. I Facebooked for wwaayy too long.

25. I made tea.

26. I noticed that Beloved’s eyes turn an even brighter blue when he wears a certain blue shirt. Nice!

27. I watched Beloved build a ridicules pair of speakers. Truly. Ridiculous.

28. I thanked FIL for birthday money.

29. I remembered my SIL will be here at the end of the week.

30. I contemplated coloring my hair.

31. I looked at my messy bedroom and decided against cleaning it.

32. I miss my Girl and wonder how I will ever survive once she’s out on her own.

33. I wondered why forty-two feels different than forty-one.

34. I thanked God that I am forty-two with a wonderful family.

35. I remembered I have a book review and a blog post due. TOMORROW!

36. I will clean my kitchen tonight.

37. I will watch Drop Dead Diva too.

38. I will tell those that I love, that I do indeed, love them.

39. I will be thankful for my job, my home, and friends.

40. I will read in bed until my eyes are full of sand and begging for sleep.

41. I will be a stronger, more faithful, kinder person this year.

42. I will love, because Jesus loved me first.


A.Marie said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I am 45, so you are still a "young-un" to me! HA HA! :)

tootie said...

Happy Birthday!!! Sounds like a great day - and hopefully a great year!

Island Rider said...

Happy Birthday! 42! You are such a babe yet! ;0) Girl will be fine. You raised her well, I know. Enjoy the rest of your day!

Mike T. said...

Hope your birthday was an excellent one, my friend!

Roo said...

Happy Belated Birthday!