Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ponderings of a Woman MY Age

*I was given some shimmery lotion. It's called, Falling in Love and it smells pretty good. Not too sweet, not too powdery, but light and fresh. Yet, I wonder...It leaves a shimmery, sparkly glow on my skin. I look like I've been dipped in a vat of fairy dust. Is this bad?

I mean, for a woman of MY age to look something akin to Tinker Bell? (okay, the comparison stops at the skin...)

*My sassy, short haircut is causing me to be...well...kinda sassy. I like it. I like it a lot and it's really affecting my attitude. Snicker. Is this a good thing for a woman of MY age to be so flippant. So witty. So happy?

*Is it wrong for a woman of MY age to like the quiet? It's 7:02 and Beloved has left for work, Girl is still sleeping soundly, and Boy has returned to camp. The cat is sawing logs on the piano and even the cows are at peace this morning. Is this wrong?

*A soft, warm rain is falling outside my window. I want to sit outside on my pretty patio and drink tea while wearing MY BATHROBE. What if a neighbor stopped by? Mornings are not nice to a woman of MY age.

*Beloved is having a medical test next week. It's something a woman of MY age should expect for the man she has lived with for twenty-two years. Thoughts of living without him (aside from the quite) make me sad and teary.

*There are four tiny play people on my desk. One I've had since I was a child and is an original Fisher Price little people. Two of the others are Dora the Explorer (whom I'd abhor) and the other is some cheap knock off that we purchased so that there would be a "dad" in the original Fisher Price house that I still own. My great-niece saw them while she was attending the BBQ on Sunday and wanted to know whose "toys" those were. When I confessed that they were mine she cocked her head to the side and narrowed her greenish-blue eyes and said, "Naw it not." I suppose it was difficult for her to wrap her head around a woman of MY age possessing toy people.

*Is it wrong for a woman of MY age to squeal with joy? I'm just asking.

*When I hurt my back and questioned the doctor as to why this had happened (after all, I work out, I stretch, this isn't supposed to happen) he said, "Welcome to your forties..." which translates, loosely to, "A woman of MY age should expect such things."

*What does a woman of MY age do when an attractive, YOUNG man flirts with her at the grocery store? In case you do not know the answer, I laughed and came home and told Beloved to watch it!

*Is it acceptable for a woman of MY age feel good about herself, her life, and not give a rip about what others think?

Yeah, I thought so too.


A.Marie said...

Great Post!! Any Age is GREAT! That's my Motto! My 20s were good, but hectic, my 30s were good, but hectic and more-hectic, and now my 40s are hectic, hectic, and more-hectic. Hmmmm...wonder what my 50s will bring! :)

Island Rider said...

Praying for your husband and you. I see the reference to John 15:4 in your photo so I will also pray that despite this scare, you will feel safe and secure abiding in Him.

Anonymous said...

Things are sure different than they were in our 20's aren't they? Yes, I think it is wonderful now - you know the song "Sweeter as the Years Go By" - I have been humming that song a lot lately. . .