Friday, July 17, 2009

It Ain't No Picnic

Boy and Girl are learning hard lessons. Difficult lessons about life. It was bound to happen, especially since we let them both know in no uncertain terms that we expected them to grow-up, work hard, and become productive adults.

Okay, we weren't harsh, but they knew that growing up meant standing up all by themselves, earning their own money, and gettin' on with life.

They both know they wouldn't be spending their twenties firmly planted on our sofa, eating our food, and playing video games.

We don't own any video games.

Anywho, Boy has been in a position of leadership this week. He's the man. The Big kahuna. The alpha dog. The boss.

(My little boy! In charge! I'm so proud! Gush!!!)

Oh, and he's sick.


This week he's learned that being in charge is a difficult thing. He doesn't know the answers to some questions. He is responsible for everyone and every thing. He has to go to work even when he's sick.

Yeah, being an adult stinks sometimes.

Girl has worked for the last two weeks at VBS at church. She's also been in a leadership position. However, because she's only sixteen (going on seventeen) there are some adults who dismiss her authority. It steams her. It really does.

(My Girl! She's a giver and a hard worker. Do NOT trample her enthusiasm!)

Today is the last day of camp and then she'll be babysitting until the late hours of the night. Tomorrow she'll be up at the crack o' dawn to go blueberry picking with me (something she is not really looking forward to). After that, I'll drive her into the BIG city so that she can attend the Highland Games with her friend.

She will have to use her own funds to do this because the bank of mom and dad is currently closed - we were not part of the stimulus plan. Snicker.

In short, this week my children have learned that being an adult, well, it ain't no picnic. And it's expensive. And there will always be someone to throw tacks in your path. And that often times you work when you are sick, or tired, or just plain don't want to.

It ain't no picnic. No sir.

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