Thursday, July 30, 2009

I Hope You Dance

Life is ... hard.

We are all so wrapped up in the busy busy of life that sometimes, frankly, we forget to dance.


Kids, life is short and there will always be bills to pay, hours to work, tasks to master. We can either walk around in torment or we can let go and let God.

Dance people. Just dance.

At a stop light today, Girl witnessed a random dancer. He leaped from his automobile, which was stopped just ahead of us, and danced. Right there in the middle of the street.




Of course

He didn't hold up traffic. He wasn't lude or crude. He just danced.


Sometimes I think life would be better if we would simply dance.

Maybe there would be less suicides if we danced. Perhaps we'd stop looking to alcohol to numb our senses if we danced. Could drug addiction be cured if we danced?

Silly, I know. I've been up since 3:45 and I'm beyond tired. My eyes feel like they are filled with sand and my legs are made of stone. I've got worries and troubles just like everybody else.

Maybe it's time to dance.

I hope you dance too. A silly chicken polka. A waltz or Charleston. Any old tango will do.

But dance.

It's just the thing to do.


tootie said...

So true!

And I love that video. It always makes me smile.

Bee and Rose said...

That video was FANTASTIC! My kids were cracking up through the whole thing! Thanks for sharing it!

Dancing is the thing to do! My daughter competed in her Irish dance this weekend and the place was just filled with joy!

What a fabulous post!!!

Barrie said...

I think this post was written with me in mind. :) Seriously, though, I need more fun.