Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Places We've Been, The People We've Seen

We've been busy. That's right! We've been the uninvited guests at a surprise party. CAKE! We've been to see those tarty machines at the laundry mat. Then we took a wee trek south to see what there was to see.

Our first stop was to the Abbey. It's such a peaceful place (except for the grounds keepers who were making plenty of racket). We had a little debate as to whether or not the Brothers still wore the traditional monks robe. I said, "Nay!" Twas, wrong. Girl was right. She and friend nearly squealed and begged for the monk's autograph when he suddenly appeared on the scene. They maintained a respectful distance but both were sad they didn't get his photo.

On our last visit to the Abbey we hadn't noticed the HUGE pipe organ that fills the balcony. My, oh my, how I want to hear that thing in action. I bet the pews shake. I really do.

Girl and friend. I noted Girl's silence the other day as she, the Singer, and myself drove along. She loves the Singer, but a day trip is always, always better with a friend.

The Abbey's grounds are beautiful and the roses delightful.

Here she is! The Singer having her photo snapped. She doesn't like this picture. Gahh! She's so beautiful!

We then traveled on and found the falls. I love this place and the Singer had never been. It was a muggy day, but the overcast sky kept us fairly cool. The hike wasn't bad and I'm happy to report that my back only hurt a wee, tiny, bit. Tis true Singer! Tis true!

After our visit to the falls, we headed to town and browsed the shops. It's funky town and one of its greatest claims to fame is the mayor, who is a transsexual. Singer saw him/her. For my part, I'd never seen him/her up close and I thought to myself, "What an ugly woman" (I need to get off farm more). Singer gasped, "Is that HIM?" Dang. We shoulda gotta photo.

We picked up Boy and headed to dinner. Then we hung out at camp and were entertained by Boy as he sang for the Singer. As you can see in the photo above, they are both goofy. Singer and I were pregnant at the same time with our children (both times, I might add) so the pride that I saw in her eyes as she listened to Boy sing was something very much akin to my own. She's been a part of our lives for sooooo long and I simply love this photo of them together.

Our day ended with our cat, Dingo, jumping up on the Singers lap. This is NOT a normal, everyday, experience. Dingo hates everyone who isn't family. He hisses. He'll refuse to let you pass. He's a pain. However, he likes the Singer. Strange that.

It was a beautiful day and we still have a few days left! Dinner party on Thursday and Lemon Cake recipe and pics later.

Ahhh lemon...


Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Love the waterfall pics! Have a blessed day. :)


Amber said...

Ha ha ha! If you hadn't snapped a picture, I would never have believed the Dingo thing. Stupid cat makes me wet my pants every time I come over!