Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Day Filled with Wonder - Repost

I'm off to work and to the laundry mat today, thus no time to write. Instead, I'm reposting this little diddy from October 3, 2006. Apparently, I had too much time on my hands.

Okay, maybe not wonder as in awe. It is a day more like “I wonder why...”

For instance, I am wondering why Teen Pact (, the comprehensive leadership class (takes place at your state capital, lasts 4 days, looks nice on your college entrance paperwork) costs so much. I have been putting off having Boy attend, because it is a 45-minute drive, and I supposed if I was taking ONE child, then I would wait a few years and they could go together. This year was supposed to be the year. HOWEVER, I either forgot how much it cost or they have raised the prices since the last time I looked. The cost: $209.00 PER STUDENT.


I am also wondering why M & M’s suddenly melt in your hand, instead of your mouth. This question popped into my mind today as I was washing the dishes (yeah, I am a real deep thinker!). Do you remember that commercial from way back when? Didn’t they say, “Melts in your mouth, not in your hand”? So, if they melt in your hand now...what did they do to M & M’s when I was a kid to make them NOT melt in your hand?


And why do chickens eat their own eggs? We suddenly are having problems with this. Our chickens are fed pretty well (I have the feed bill to prove it) but suddenly they prefer to eat eggs. Is this what you would call chickibalism and will it lead to mad chicken disease?


Then there is the toaster. Why is there a setting on the toaster that will blacken a slice of toast to a hard, shrunken, piece of charcoal? Does someone actually eat it that way? If so...


Have you ever wondered why things that taste wonderful are also the same things that are killing you? Why do things that are supposed to be good for you taste yuck? Rice cakes? What sadist thought that one up?


Why do teenagers eat so much, sleep so much, and act so crabby? I mean really! If I have had plenty of sleep and a nice meal, I am a happy girl (especially if it was something I shouldn’t have eaten! Ha!). They do not have to work so they can buy their food and bed. Teenagers are in that one space of time when they can explore their world and not have to pay for it. So why are they so crabby half the time?


Maybe I have had too much time on my hands today. Perhaps I should have mopped the floor instead of wondering about these things. But I do wonder. Don’t you?

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Kristen said...

A wonderful flashback, for me, a newer audience member. Perhaps as a kid we just ate the M&M's faster before they had a chance to melt. And anyway, the chocolate isn't melting so much as the dye on the candy coating is mixing with our sweaty palms. Another thing we probably didn't have as kids.