Thursday, May 14, 2009


Okay, so the hungry man may not be all that he appears to be. A few little facts have come to light. Facts such as;

He's asked one of our owners for help before

He's asked the church next door for help...several times

He's got a criminal record


Did he play me? Did he play my co-worker? Maybe.

I don't regret giving the guy some food. So what if he conned me out of a couple packages of meat (we raise our own you know), green beans, and top ramen. So what.

He's got a record (I googled him) but I don't know what for. Our nephew has a record too and can't find work. That much could be true.


He's found a con that works so he doesn't look for gainful employment.

My co-worker and I provided him with phone numbers that can help him out. There isn't any reason for him to come back.


He showed up at the gym again and asked for the owner (who was nice to him before - unknown to me), then he asked for me. Neither of us were there today, so he was fresh outta luck.

My co-worker feels like an idiot. She gave him $20. I never give money. Food, sure, money, no way Jose!

I don't want any trouble. My Beloved has a very low opinion of men who don't work and take care of business. His stance on this and other situations is this,

"Stay the hell away from my wife"

Take my word for it, you don't want to mess with my Beloved.

I hope this joker doesn't show up again, because I'll tell him there isn't anything I can do for him and ask him to leave. If he doesn't, we'll call the police. I'm not playing with this and I won't be played again.

But I have to admit I hate that we live in a world where people take advantage and thus take away from those truly in need.

And yeah, there's a part of me that's kinda ticked off.

Man...I got played!


Kiva said...

As Ben Franklin used to say (before GW did)"Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” ...

You did the right thing the first time. You followed your heart. However, now that you know, you'll follow your wisdom. Don't let this episode make you a cynic.

Patti said...

you fed a hungry man. it's good. but now, well now is the time for some tough love, bub!

Eric said...

It's unfortunate when you have to make a choice NOT to help someone because you can't trust their intentions. But if your intentions are good, that's good enough. I think you did right by you and yours, so that's what counts.