Sunday, May 17, 2009

Family, You Gotta Love Em

Surviving family gatherings is one skill that I have become really, really good at. I like to think it’s because I’ve mellowed over the years and have a more live and let live attitude. Or it could be that since I no longer have young, impressionable children that I can just let things go. Perhaps it’s that I simply accept my Beloved’s family for who and what they are, without the holier than thou sneer that I NEVER wore. Never. It wasn’t me. If they said it was me, they lied. It. Wasn’t. Me.

Ahh, the vanity of youth.

The baby shower was nice. It wasn’t “exactly” what you might call a baby shower, but it had all the right elements: presents, lame games, and food. I am especially thankful for all the fresh veggies that Grandma Candi put out.

We saw the in-laws and the out-laws too (trust me on this). There was only one incident of improper touching, which didn’t involve my daughter or me, but was on display for the entire WORLD and GOD to see. Complete, I might add, with sounds effects.


One meth addict, one drunk, and one very pregnant nineteen-year-old. Not a bad mix for an hour and a half drive. The best part though, was when everyone else left and it was just the family sitting around waiting for the men folk to return.

My sis-in-law may be many things, but she’s a pretty good egg underneath it all and I was really glad to spend the time with her. It was fun to see her grandbabies and catch up on the family gossip. I found out whose engaged to whom, who is drying up, who still employed, and who still feels sorry for FIL.

Trust me, we have a very…interesting family.

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