Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Making This Man Happy


Really, when it comes down to it, food makes Beloved happy. Well, that and a nice back rub. Oh, and a foot rub. Yeah, a leg rub too. Between you and I, it's a little too much rubbing.

He doesn't pay me enough for all that.

Hey, he doesn't pay me at all!


But if I want a pretty happy fellow food is the logical way to get there.

Last night I made Chicken Scallopine from the recipe posted over at Pioneer Woman. I admit I panicked a little when I couldn't get the cork out of the wine bottle. I had envisioned this lovely dinner (meaning presentation of food, not simply food slopped on a plate) with my Beloved.

Thankfully he arrived home from work early and happily opened the wine so that I could add a cup of the dry stuff to the sauce. Capers, Italian parsley, whole grain angel hair pasta; ahhh the aroma was amazing.

Beloved was a happy man. Dinner was a grand success and the left-overs are safely tucked away for his enjoyment this evening. I reminded him when he left this morning of the culinary treat that awaits his return. He smiled, "Dinner was goooood!"

Good food = happy man

It's truly a recipe for success

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Sandcastle Momma said...

I saw that recipe and wondered if it's as good as it looks.
My hubby is the same way. He likes a nice dinner. They say sex is the way to a man's heart and that was true 20 years ago when we met but these days he wants a nice dinner and a back rub LOL