Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Chillin' with My Girl

She's a girl, that Girl o' mine.

She likes nail polish. She prefers it in funky colors. She delights in painting little girl's nails. It bugs her that I seldom paint mine.

And books. She lurves her some books. Turn her loose in a Powell's, Borders, or Barnes and Noble, and she is a happy little tater tot. Cept she's too tall to be a tot.

Then there's Taco Bell. Girl is happy at Taco Bell. Only, she's picky. She has basically ordered the exact same thing for nearly all of her sixteen years (oh, alright, she didn't actually eat Taco Bell when she was little because her mother wouldn't let her!). Chips and cheese, a soft taco or a quesadilla, mixed soda all equal a happy, happy Girl.

My Girl takes great pleasure in whopping her mama at Scrabble. Every.Time.We.Play. Between you and I, it's kinda gettin' on my nerves.

Girl likes movies. Girl likes chick flicks. Girl like popcorn. Girl likes soda.

Saturday was MAN PARTY DAY. Beloved invited some fellows over from work. Pizza was on the menu. So was beer. Uggh. This gathering was in celebration of Beloved's 42nd birthday back in February.

Men+Beer+Pizza=Annie running away

Girl and I escaped to a local hotel for some us time. I love my Girl. She's a hoot. We painted our nails and discovered, with disgust, that the Avon nail polish we had purchased didn't live up to it's promise. Girl knows her polish. Trust me on this.

We grabbed a quick bite at Taco Bell where an amazing thing happened: Girl tried something new! GASP! Not only did she try it, but she liked it!!!

We headed over to Powell's. Girl is just like her Mama and we both found a new book to buy. We left happy.

We tried to find a parking place at the movie theater.

And tried

And tried

And tried

And found one!

Egad! If you build a movie theater, they will come, so put in some decent parking! Geez!

We watched, Confessions of a Shopaholic. It was fun and surprisingly clean with a very good message about credit cards. We ate popcorn. We drank soda. We laughed. On the ride to the store (to pick up snackies) we discussed the evils of credit cards.

We were nearly struck by a car driven by a little old lady in the parking lot of the grocery store. Her license plate, and no I am not joking, read as follows: AWARE. We laughed ourselves silly and took a picture with my cell phone. Aware indeed! We purchased GenSoy Sweet Crisps (which I am in love with! They are soooo tasty!), dark chocolate covered raisins, and Arizona Ice Tea (for girl).

Then I decimated her at Scrabble.

Cleaned her clock

Wiped her out

Kicked her fanny

Smote her!

That's right. Mama won. Ha!

That's how you do a girls night out right.


A. K. said...

Sound like you had fun.

Anonymous said...

How fun!!!! I want to join you on the next one.

Janie at Sounding Forth said...

Awww. That sounds like a sweet night.

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Annie -

My Mom and I did a girl's day out last Saturday. We had a lot of fun, but your description was a lot more entertaining. :)

Great piece of writing.


Kristen said...

SO cute. Looking forward to those days with my wee one.