Thursday, December 04, 2008

Thousand Word Thursday

Today is Thousand Word Thursday sponsored over at Cheaper than Therapy. My thousands words are just that. One thousand written words. I know it's supposed to be a PHOTO, but something in me said, "Write a thousand words in one sitting." So I did. Feel free to press the back button now...

After meeting with the Writer Girl for coffee and a verbal download, I rushed home to pick up Boy’s new cell phone that had been delivered while I was out. Since Boy does not live at home and won’t be home for several weeks, I decided to mail it to him…along with assorted other goodies.

Along with his spankin’ new phone, Girl placed a small tin of her chocolate-orange scones and a small note to cheer his heart. I added a few other odds and ends. There was cold medicine – the day and night version. I rustled up two small packages of peanuts, one salted, the other honey roasted and some jelly beans.

Last, but certainly NOT least I added one of those musical cards. Perhaps it’s just my family, but we find these cards highly amusing. I adore the ones with the 80’s tunes (sing along if you dare!);

I told you homeboy
U can't touch this
Yeah, that's how we livin' and you know
U can't touch this
Look in my eyes,man
U can't touch this
Yo, let me bust the funky lyrics
U can't touch this

The cards that feature lines from television shows run a close second. For Beloved’s birthday last year, Boy had found a Star Trek card that featured Mr. Spock saying,

”Total annihilation”

Boy had purchased the card early in the spring and hid it away for months, waiting for his father’s February birthday. There are two things I love about this; first, that Boy spotted something that he knew Dad would find amusing and two, that he managed to keep it squirreled away for over nine months without his father finding it. Not a small feat in this house!

No one would be too surprised to find that I packed a special card into Boy’s goodie box. Will he get it? I think so. He’ll probably roll his eyes a bit, mainly because his mother is such a nut, but he’ll smile. I found the card that sang,

Everybody was kung-fu fighting
Those cats were fast as lightning
In fact it was a little bit frightening
But they fought with expert timing

I know you are humming that tune. I can feel it. I just gotta wonder though, who writes this stuff? Seriously! Anyway, we recently watched the movie, Kung Fu Panda and although I don’t really care for Jack Black, I found this movie to be really fun. Thus, the reason for the card.

Yet, this was no ordinary box. Yes, Boy’s phone had arrived, but I really wanted to send him a cheery box, filled with goodies and things to make him smile. He’s having a rough week and even though he says he’s “fine”, being his (over-protective, let me do that for you, are you hungry? No? Let me fix you something), loving mommy, I think he needs this.

I know I could have driven down and delivered the phone in person. It’s only a two hour round trip drive, but don’t you think there is something special about receiving a box of goodies from home? I can only imagine how nice it must be (at least I think it would be nice) to have a box arrive with your name on it.

In my minds eye, I see Boy carrying box, perhaps shaking it a wee bit and walking back to his house. There, his roommates will gather round to see what goodies lie within. Last Halloween I sent a box that contained Darth Vader heads filled with sweet tarts. The roomies still have those little Vader heads displayed around the house.

I can imagine the guys wondering if he’ll share his haul and joking about “Boy’s Mommy”. They’ll tease him a bit because he’s the youngest in the house. Between you and me, I think they tease him because they are jealous. There I said it.

I don’t know if it’s because we homeschooled Boy or if it is just his personality, but our family has never suffered any of those child-parent estrangements. For the most part, unless I’m completely delusional (which is possible), we’ve all gotten along just fine. We didn’t suffer through much teenage anxiety with Boy or Girl. They’ve never given us a moment’s worry in regard to booze, drugs or the opposite sex.

Maybe that’s why Boys leaving and the upcoming departure (in a couple years) of Girl make me sad. I really like my children as people and I miss them when they are not here. Yet, as I stated yesterday, I do not want them to stay home! No. I want them to grow up and move on. It just means that I’ll miss their company when they leave.

I know I’m not the only mommy who sends special packages to their kiddos. Some are probably more creative. For me, I think it’s the random things that I toss in that make Boy smile. In retrospect, I should have added a picture of Boy and Best Friend. Please note in the picture below, taken recently, that these two boys have been goofy since day one.

With the box packed I headed off to the post office, forgetting that it’s December. Uugh. I stood in line for a very long time and finally got to my favorite postal clerks window. He greeted me with his usual, “Hi Mom!” phrase and we got down to business. I told him that yes; I did indeed have liquid and perishables in the box. I made certain he understood that everything was riddled with Anthrax powder and that he might want to pull on his radiation gloves.

“A package for boy huh?” he smiled.

“Yep. Just a few goodies,” I replied.

“There’s nothing like a box from home to add a little sunshine to your day,” he commented as he weighed the box.

I couldn’t agree more. Boy’s box will be delivered today. I can just see the text message now:

My mom is the greatest


Patti said...

speaking as a past homeschooler, i think it is that environment that makes our battles much less than others.

Barrie said...

Yes, there is something very special about getting a care package in the mail. And, yes, his mom is the greatest!

The Mom said...

Wow that puts a new twist on my Thursday, thanks so much for sharing your words, i got the chills! ;)

Former Fat Chick said...

Everyone is ALWAYS jealous of the BABY!! I know I am THE BABY in my house!

Erica said...

Great post, it sounds like you are a great mom! Makes me want to pull my kids back out of public school! My kids are still fairly young, but I hope we have a close relationship at that age!
God Bless~

Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

I don't live far from my parents but I wouldn't mind getting a box from them in the mail full of goodies.

Barbara Martin said...

Care packages from mothers are always appreciated.