Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Secret Santa and the Multi-Pack of TicTacs

I'm a Secret Santa and honestly, I've always found this "tradition" to be difficult to effectively fulfill. Especially when you don't know the receiver very well. However, someone at the gym was wearing their thinking cap and asked each of us to write a wee bit about what we like and don't like. This will solve my problem, I mistakenly supposed.

When the form was passed to me, I easily filled up my space with likes (lotions, note-cards, stickers, dark chocolate) and don't likes (Santa's & milk chocolate). Then I took in what my receiver had written:

I like Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi. I don't like dark chocolate or lotions.

That's it? That's all you got? Sigh...

I thought really hard about things I've noticed about her: she is forever eating TicTacs. She does not wear make up, hair accessories, or bracelets. Because we work at a gym I've only seen her in regular clothes once. She drives a Volvo, has four children, and an unemployed husband.

This week we are supposed to leave small gifts for our receiver and on Saturday present her with the big gift (no more than $20). Thus far this week I have given her a Christmas bag that contained Christmas socks (sheepish plug for my give-a-way hint hint hint) and a multi-pack of TicTacs and another bag with two cute bell tree ornaments (one Santa, one snowman). Today's bag features a candle and a diet coke. I have one more gift, which is a very pretty choker necklace that I think she'll like since I saw her wearing a similar one a couple months ago.

Yet, I haven't purchased the BIG gift. What the heck do I buy? I thought about a gift certificate to get her nails done because she mentioned once that she liked to do that but couldn't afford it (and who can in these trying times!).

If ya'll have any thoughts, throw them out. It's Wednesday and I've only got a few more days to find the perfect Secret Santa gift.

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Patti said...

i am a secret santa dud...i have nothing. sorry.

Patti said...

hey, your comment on the running blog was omitted after they moved the entry to the new server. i just wanted you to know it wasn't intentional. those guys are such newbs over there...sheesh.

The Sweet Family said...

Interesting Secret Santa. As for a gift, nails is nice! Every woman loves pampering!

Sandcastle Momma said...

Pampering sounds good to me too! From her likes and dislikes she sounds like a food person so if you don't go for a gift certificate then maybe a gourmet food basket of some kind?

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Do you ever see her drinking coffee? Does she have a favorite brand? I once bought a boss two bags of Dunkin Donut coffee.

I really like your thought about a gift certificate to get her nails done. Since she mentioned it, I think it would be a hit.

Susan :)