Tuesday, December 09, 2008

In the Company of Strangers

Over the years, Beloved has attended several company "holiday" parties; both formal and informal. Yours truly has been coerced into attending said party regardless of the fact that I had nothing to wear. This year, it was my turn. Muuuaaahhhhh!

The gals at the gym are having not one, but two employee parties. The first is only for our gym and does not include bosses, okay, well it includes a boss but she's one of us. If you get my meaning. NO family invited.

The second party is being hosted by the owners, at the owners house, and will feature both owners. Now, don't get me wrong. I have very nice bosses, but they're still bosses aren't they? The icing on this little bit o' holiday cheer is the fact that Beloved was invited to attend.


"The gym Christmas party is on Sunday. Do you want to go?" My eyes batting, smile flashing, innocence incarnate.

"Christmas party? Hmmm...let me think...will there be strangers and awkward conversation?" Sarcastic snickering follows.

"Yes! And I promise it will be even more uncomfortable because they do something called a "Musical Tradition" and they have a Wacky Gift Exchange Game for adults. You ARE an adult still, right?" Hands clapping, I danced around the living room, imagining the scene as my Beloved shifts uncomfortably in his recliner.

I noticed that his eyes slid over to the calendar hanging on the wall. He's looking for a way out!. My mind screeches. Twirling gracefully in front of said calendar, I smirk and say,

"You owe me..."

His smile faded. He remembers. His memory flashes back to a scene some years ago at the MAC Club when his drunk boss kept telling Annie how good looking she was and that RED really was her color. Another scene flashes before his eyes and he sees a very pregnant (and none to friendly) Annie telling one of his co-workers to kindly remove her hand from Annie's belly before Annie is forced to BITE IT OFF! Grrr!

"Sure. Sure. I'll go. It would be nice to meet the people you work with." He uttered those words so sincerely that I believed him...for about three seconds.

"It'll be fun! There will be food! I'll get a bonus and I promise I'll share", I squeeze his arm, kiss his feverish forehead, and skip to the computer to check my email.

"There's been a change to the Christmas party,"the email reads, "We've decided to make this an employees only party due to space. I hope you understand..."

Beloved's face blooms into a smile only seen once before; the year 1976 and the Portland Trail Blazers had just won the championship. He rises from his chair, does a small pirouette, bows, and skips, laughing down the hall.

He's off the hook!

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Patti said...

noooooooooooooooo.....i was already looking forward to the after party story.

The Sweet Family said...

I really felt like it was payback time for beloved.

Oh well, maybe next year!
(you were so close!)

TJ Brown said...

How come they ALWAYS get out of it? ALWAYS???

MIke T said...

I am laughing so hard! Your hubby must be living right to get out of that "party"! :)

tootie said...

This is too funny! Your husband must have some magical powers to have gotten out of the party :)

Sandcastle Momma said...

That just stinks. Why is it that men always seem to have that kind of luck? Next thing you know there'll be a work party for him that you won't be able to get out of LOL

Kristen said...

Gee, you must have a crotchety old boss to disinvite the family based on lack of space. (I'm sure these nice people realize the decision must have been a little deeper than that).

I've read every post with the label "workin'" plus some other gems, and so far haven't found anything too incriminating. Fun to read!