Sunday, November 23, 2008

New Look

For now (at least until after Christmas) this is the new look. I realize I may have lost some of my, if you are one that I previously linked to and you don't see your blog on the procrastinators list, contact me and I'll re-add you. Wouldn't want to lose you!

You may also notice I added a couple of new procrastinators. Folks like Travis and Roo. Welcome aboard :)

It's another L A Z Y day on the farm. See what happens if you take one day to be lazy? Then you'll want to be lazy the next day. When I commented on this factoid to Beloved, he said,

"You weren't lazy yesterday. You cleaned the house, did laundry, took stuff to the mission. I'd hate to see what your non-lazy day looks like" (insert massive eye roll here)

There is baking to do. Cleaning to do. Grading and planning to do. Yet, here I sit, playing with my blog.

Ahhhh lazy day...

1 comment:

tootie said...

Cute new look! I like it - very festive :)