Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sick, Sick, Sick

I am sick.

Not sick in a twisted way, just sick.

Not in a stomach flu kinda way. Just nervous sick.

I have a job interview tomorrow. While I’ve done a bit of this and that for the last few years, I haven’t had to interview for a job in…well, in a long time. I’m scared silly. Isn’t that stupid?

This isn’t your run of the mill job either. It’s something I’ve never done before, but I know I’ll be good at it. I know I can do it, if I can just get passed the interview.

I’m going to throw up. Seriously.


Kiva said...

Hey, remember what you said in your
Friday post. You can do this... it may not be something that you've been paid to do before, but you've probably done something like it before. Chin up and go forth! I believe in you.

Sandcastle Momma said...

Good luck tomorrow! You can do it - whatever it is. I'll be sending positive thoughts your way.

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

I know the feeling well. When I went back into the job market, I hadn't been on an interview in 10 years. Talk about butterflies in the stomach.

After lots of prayer and a pep talk from my best friend, I got through it. I'll be praying for you.

Susan :)

Travis Erwin said...

Good luck.

tootie said...

You will do great! Remind yourself that you are a smart, capable woman - and go in there with confidence! :)