Tuesday, June 17, 2008

This and That

We have eased into the days of summer. It will be a summer filled with me trying to figure out how to get places without driving. I mean really! Gas is over $4 per gallon. We live in the country so if I want to walk to the store I have two choices: I can walk to our little country store that is five miles round trip and the prices are higher simply because of location –or I can walk 15 miles round trip to the Safeway in town.

There is actually another option: I can just make sure I do everything that neeeeeeds to be done in town when I am actually in town. This third option seems to be my best bet but sadly I have a child at home who has Bible study on Monday nights, play practice on Wednesday’s, Piano lessons on Friday’s, and I’m certain that she’ll actually want to hang with her friends from time to time. Silly girl! Doesn’t she know that her mother is the bestest company evah? Snicker.

So, we’re feeling the pinch. I haven’t located another work-at-home job and I’m still waiting on some writer things to come through. We decided that me getting a job right now isn’t really a good plan. We have company coming in July, Miss C will be working at camp for two weeks (read: my driving her to town and picking her up twice a day for TWO WEEKS) and then Mr. W will invade with all his cuteness while Soldier Momma trains for her deployment next spring.

It's funny, but I now shop the way I use to when our children were wee babies in arms. If it isn’t on sale, I don’t buy it. If it’s still expensive I carefully weigh whether it’s worth it or not. Many times, we just go without. Who needs a tomato when they are over $4.00 per pound? Cheese? HA! There must be a cow shortage! I have to be frank and admit that I am beginning to miss the chickens we had. If things had been different, if the Great Chicken Massacre hadn’t happened, we’d still have farm fresh eggs at a fraction of the price.

And in other news…

I’m still working out, still eatin’ good (cept for those Peanut M & M’s that Miss C bought), still feeling strong. I started working out with weights and although the workout is hard I feel… stronger…leaner… meaner? Well, maybe not mean. Maybe tough is a better word. Yeah, tough. Someone (CoughteriCough) called me a goddess. Not, I’m certain, in the Biblical way, but in the You Rock way. And that felt great :)

And in case you’re interested…

We know a young man who entered the Mountain Dew Ad Contest and made it to the final ten. We are really proud of this homeschool graduate and his movie making skills. You can check out his ad, which is called Caveman Can and can be seen HERE

While there make sure and vote. The winner takes home $10,000 and that will sure help Zach pay for college. I’m biased, but I really do like his entry best!


Patti said...

his commercial was funny. anytime someone gets beaned by stuff, i'm in...

My Ice Cream Diary said...

Not only was his video funny, it was very wel edited and put together.

I'm with you ron the whole money, gas, food thing. It is hurting us. But, maybe it is helping you with your health goals? =)

Kiva said...

Yep, this gas thing is really cutting into the budget. Luckily I can walk to the store... a lot. Those groceries are heavy :0)

The video is hilarious. I hope he wins.