Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Writer

It was 1991 and there I sat; unemployed, friendless, depressed. My small boy played on the grass while I looked on from the patio. It was my first day as a SAHM and I didn’t know what to do with myself. While I was truly thrilled to have avoided finding yet another day care provider, I simply couldn’t imagine what I was going to do for the rest of the day (not to mention the rest of the week, month…) Then I saw them.

Walking up the sidewalk was a woman pushing a stroller and at her side a boy; a boy just my boys age! Obviously she was a SAHM too! Hope welled up in my heart at the thought of making a new friend. A friend who stayed home, like me. Who had a little boy, just like me! Someone who I could toil aw ay the time with until I returned to work.

However, she was…different than I was. She was a Christian, pro-life, breast-feeding, wanna be homeschooler, kinda girl. She didn’t have a drivers license (gasp), her name wasn’t on her husbands bank account (double gasp), and her hubby left her a list of chores every day (oxygen please!).

Watching her morph into the woman God meant her to be has been amazing. She is one of the brightest, funniest, most ambitious women I know. And to think, I almost missed it all because I was a stubborn, opinionated, say-to-much kinda girl. I missed two years of friendship because we disagreed about…something(?). Believe it or not, it took a tumor to bring me to my senses.

The right word, planted in the right ear, brings fast results.

She let it drop, in the presences of the town gossip, that she had a tumor in her head! and would be going in for surgery. The phone lines literally caught fire as that gossipy gal dialed my number. All she said was, “You better call her. It’s bad.”

So I did.

Ring, ring, ring...


“What the hell is going on?” I demanded

All I heard was laughter from the other side.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

The writer girl has published numerous articles and two books. Her third book, Read My Lips is scheduled for release in June. (Visit her site here: She is the awesome mom of my son’s best friend and the beautiful chicken (who’s not so chicken like anymore!). Teri is the uber wife of the Big AB and hates loud noise. She will, in fact, refuse to get into your car if your stereo is on, be warned.

Teri is the oasis in my otherwise dry life. She brings me laughter and great books to read. Not to mention, she is also the only one who will tell me (besides my Beloved)when I’m being a bitch.

So, here’s to you Teri, you artist of teen lit, soup Nazi, gas tank filling, lovely, lovely girl.

Yes, I had to pirate this pic of Teri. No, I do not have a picture of us together. I would really like one though. It's hard to convince people that the famous Teri Brown is really and truly your best friend, when all you have are pirated pictures off the internet :P

Tomorrow: The Giver


TJBrown said...

Snciker... we must do a pix, darling, but I am far to famous to have it done without photoshop;-)

I think it is so funny how much both of us have changed... and how much we both continue to change. I think the issues we had in our early relationship were due to growing pains and our friendship is stronger for it.

And you forgot to mention that you had to include me because I have way more dirt on you than any of the others. Snicker. What are friends for after all?


TJBrown said...

yes, I am the writer who can't spell. Massive eye roll.

Kiva said...

Love the series. Can't wait for tomorrow's post.

Don't worry, we believe you about not having a picture of your friends. I don't have a lot of pictures of me and my best friend(s) because one of us is usually taking the picture. Then there is also the fact that the pictures we take aren't the most flattering. After all, we're friends... we hang out anytime, anywhere, makeup or no makeup.

Patti said...

you are one lucky gal...

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA - I'd like to hear that dirt . . . .

I love the picture Teri - now get out there and take one with her . . . :)

Congrats in your writing!

THE STALKER (hey this is kinda fun)