Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Singer

The first time I met her, I fell in love. I know that is the weirdest thing for a straight girl to say, but I did. She was so incredibly beautiful and her sweet temperament totally wowed me. Not to mention, she was Jewish and I’ve always had a thing about the Jews.

She wore a blue maternity shirt and a necklace with the Star of David and a cross pendant. The cross kind of threw me, so I had to ask, “Are you Jewish?” She started into a rather quick, “Hope I don’t offend you” dialog about being a Messianic Jew. Her dark, Israeli eyes smiled at me and I knew, from that moment on that she would become my best friend.

We shared our pregnancy, Mexican food, and eventually, the same faith. The first time I stood next to her in church and heard her sing, I was astonished. How could someone so attractive, so nice, so gifted want to be friends with me? It’s a question I’ve never been able to answer. I am…not all…that nice, if you know what I mean.

Alas all good things come to an end and when The Singer’s husband whisked her and her two daughters away to Southern California, I was devastated. It felt like my own arm was being ripped off and transplanted to the Land of Fruit and Nuts. Since divorce was not in either of our plans, I let her go, letting her know that not a day would go by that I wouldn’t miss her.

I read this to her just days before she left, because it struck me that this friendship was one that was rare and is seldom repeated in ones lifetime,

Go in safety, inasmuch as we have sworn to each other in the name of the Lord, saying ‘The Lord will be between me and you, and between my descendants and your descendants forever.’” -1 Samuel 20:42

The Singer went on to have two more children, sing with the worship team at her church, and serve others in amazing ways. She doesn’t always see her worth, but I do. The singer is a rare jewel among rubies.

So, here’s to you Wen, you singer of Psalms, Challah baking, car driving momma! I love you and still miss you as if you just moved yesterday.

Sorry for the pic, it's not as good as I'd like it to be. This is from my 35th birthday when my husband planned a surprise visit from Wen. Boy was I surprised when I heard her singing happy birthday. Let's just say the tears flowed!

Stolen...ur...borrowed from her churches website.

Tomorrow you'll meet The Writer (any guesses who that might be?) LOL!


Barrie said...

What a touching post. :)

In terms of friends/family moving away, you know what's one of the best things that's happened to me: Southwest Airlines!

And I love your writing too. Thank you for making my day. :)

TJBrown said...

Ahhh how sweet... Does Wendy read your blog?

Patti said...

the love of true friends is a spectacular gift that we way too often take for granted...

Mrs. Annie said...

Yes Teri, she does read it...only she hasn't figured out how to post a comment. I did receive a lovely email from her which left both of us teary. As if that would be a huge surprise!

Family Adventure said...

Beautiful post! Lovely pictures, too.


Anonymous said...

I loved it :) (I remember that birthday surprise - I got to meet Wen for the first time too :) )

I was thinking we shoudl post that song by Michael W. SMith: Friends are Friends Forever - I love that song . . . Kat errr I MEAN the stalker

Anonymous said...

My mommy's beautiful (: