Saturday, December 22, 2007

There have been times when I have felt exactly like this kitty here.

Times, for instance, when my FIL stomps down the stairs and in his loudest voice asks where various and sundry people are. Even though we quickly shush him, because the babies are sleeping, he'll continue talking in his loud voice. I don't think he has a mute button...or I would have used it by now.

Other times it's simpler things, like not being able to find my other slipper. I'll ask the wee girl, because she is notorious for stealing other peoples shoes and she'll say, "Um....OH!" and then lead you on a wild goose chase for the next ten minutes. I have a slipper that went missing back in late May and I still haven't found it.

And where is the Christmas cheer? The other day, while finishing up some Christmas shopping, I noted, not for the first time, how rude some people can be. This lady and I were looking at the same items, she on one side, I on the other. It was obvious she wanted to look at the products on my side, so I smiled and said, "Trade you places". She didn't even make eye contact and sort of pushed her way in front of me. Merry Christmas to you too, Mr. Scrooge!

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