Tuesday, November 27, 2007

As Time Goes By

I cannot believe that in a few short days it will be December. Oi!

Our little foster girls are still here, however, they should be returning home by the first of the year. I am both happy and sad for all of us. In many ways they will be missed, yet I can honestly say I won't miss the fighting, screaming, crying, whining...not one bit.

John started his internship in September. It's going well, but I miss him.

Crissy is a sophomore this year. To college or not to college, that is the question.

DH had another surgery (oh joy) but fared much better this time around. He's back at work and holding his own.

FIL had three hospital stays in two months. I am way over hospitals.

I might have mentioned that my parents moved back to this area. We had them over for dinner the other night and I was again reminded of how negative Dad can be. They were both miffed that we didn't spend Thanksgiving at their house. They should get use to the idea, since I intend on spending many holidays with just my children and our friends. It isn't that I want to be cruel, but holidays mean something different to us. We celebrate in different ways and I prefer it that way. I just can't explain it to the family. They just wouldn't get it.

Hopefully I'll be able to sign in here again and update this blog. Blogster has been having technical difficulties for days now. I'm getting tired of it!

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