Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Rip City?

I am not a basketball person. In fact, I truly despise the sport. Whenever you plant a grown man in front of the television to watch a sporting event, you are asking for trouble. It is truly mind numbing to watch men yell and pout over a "game".

While there have been some players (in the NBA) who can truly be called, Gentlemen of the Sport, most are, how shall I say it...Over-grown teenagers with a testosterone problem.

They pay these "boys" millions and millions of dollars to chase a ball up and down the court. Silly, isn't it? Worse still, the Portland Trail Blazers have had more than their share of drug addicts, jail birds, and wife beaters. How is it possible that one team could drum up so many problem players?

Domestic assault, possession, trespassers, DRIVING WITHOUT A LICENSE OR INSURANCE (you have got to be kidding me! It isn't like they can't afford to purchase car insurance!)?? Driving while intoxicated, animal abuse? What is going on?

Can someone tell me how these "players" are supposed to be good will ambassadors to Portland neighborhoods? These are heroes? Please!

Perhaps with the drafting of Martell Webster things will turn around in Portland. Maybe he'll be like Clyde the Glide, Terry Porter, or some other legend. Can Portland break their image as the laughing stock of the NBA? Will Webster live up to all the hype?

Will Blazer mania return to Portland? Blazer fans can only dream.

So shut your eyes gentlemen, and float back in time to 1976-77. Back to a time when the city shook with applause for the mighty Blazers. When children lined the school gym, simply to get a glimpse of one of the Gentlemen of Basketball. I know, cause I was one of them.

Dream on guys...Cause this October 11, the nightmare begins again!

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Mike Tycer said...

I am truly distraught over such a cruel posting! Basketball, especially as played by the old Trailblazers is a thing of beauty and a metaphor for life! Unfortunately the metaphor also holds true for some of the idiots that the once mighty Trailblazers have acquired in recent years. I don't know about Martel Webster, but I have faith my boys will be back to true respectable form in all aspects of the word this year. Further, I refuse to give up on you until your hubby has you wearing a Blazer shirt and sitting on the couch cheering them on while yelling at the TV! :)