Friday, June 22, 2012

Looking for a Decent Pita

Here we are. It's been nearly one full weeks since our student arrived. We've had some great discussions about, well, everything. Our student is so sweet and warm. We are very thankful to have her in our home. My husband, who can be....rather blunt at times, has warmed to her and makes concessions so that she will be more comfortable. She is indeed wheedling her way into our hearts.

We have found ourselves wanting to make her stay in our home very comfortable. Her internship isn't all that she had expected and she finds her commute weary. We know that if she can find housing closer to her office, that she will move. We understand that she must do what is best for her, but we will miss her.

How can this be? She's a stranger, from a scary country, who practices a religion that is FAR different from ours and yet...we adore her!

I asked the Student about living in her country, what it was like growing up there, etc. She smiled and said that it isn't much different from the US. Children play in the parks, their mothers shop at the markets, families love each other. Then she turned very serious and confessed that things in her country are very bad right now.

Shopping with the Student is enlightening. She finds the abundance of food and goods amazing. She also notes the unripened fruit and veggies. The Student is unable to locate a decent pita bread, so we've decided to go to the Halal market.

Should I tell her that it makes me nervous? Even though I know that I have nothing to fear, I'm fearful? We haven't discussed the radical terrorist. It's one of those odd topics we all know about, but don't really want to dig into.

Her family is liberal. She laughs and tells me that she is more conservative than her parents. I nod, but smile because she may be conservative, but she's wearing a tank top and no head covering. It makes me wonder just how liberal her parents are.

I am so grateful for this opportunity to get to know this Student. She is bright and cheery and certainly brings a wonderful flavor to our household. Yet, I wonder, what would have happened if she were different. What if she were very conservative?

Boy pointed out with a chuckle, that if she were conservative, she wouldn't be here.

Point taken.

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