Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What Could Be More Fun than This?

Tomorrow, Friend is going in for her PET Scan. This Positron Emission Tomography Scan should be able to detect where her cancer is. That's been the little mystery of the hour, the not knowing where the big C is hiding.

Several years ago Friend under went surgery and Radiation to clean up a nasty tumor on her pituitary gland. I've always loved that little tumor. If it weren't for that tumor, Friend and I may not have made up after not speaking for a couple of years.

Of course now, years later, neither one of us can remember why were argued. I’m certain it was something she said.

I try not to think about the outcome of tomorrow's fun filled trip to the doctor. I've buried that worry for another day. For now, I've decided that Friend will be just fine.

She has to be.

Friend is the only one who will get in my face and tell it like it is...whether I want to hear it or not.

She's irreverent.

She's snarky.

She's adventurous.

She's my friend.

This weekend I will take her the first of a series of baked comfort food. I'll post details later, I don't want to spoil the surprise in case she just happens to stroll by here.

I'll just say that this weekend’s ooey, gooey, yumminess is sure to please and sure to distract from the looming diagnosis that we are all longing to hear and dreading at the same time.

Tomorrow, I will go to work and lease apartments and file paperwork and listen to my residents complain. Friend will look Death in the face.

If I know her, and I do, she'll flip Death the finger.

That's my girl

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Roo said...

Best wishes to Friend. I'll keep her in my prayers and you as well. To many people recently that have been effected by cancer and it's really getting me down. Stay strong!!!!