Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Little of This and That

Yeah, I know. I'm a bad blogger.

My time is absorbed by too many things and I find my creative outlets being trampled upon and then ignored. It's a sad state of events I must say.

I'm still working at the senior property. Still prostituting myself (or at least it sometimes feels that way) to lease apartments. Still being made to feel like I'm the dull tack in a box full of shiny, sharp pins.

This is what happens when you work for a pregnant OCD. It ain't pretty sistah.

Well, sometimes it's pretty.

Sometimes it's funny.

Other times it's neither, but I don't work weekends and the pay is good. What more could I ask for really?

My children, which can hardly be referred to as children these days, are doing quiet well. Thank you for asking.

Beloved is still employed. THANK YOU GOD! But we wait for the lay-off or strike...whichever comes first. Beloved was told by a union rep that he should put three months worth of salary away. I suppose that would be easy if we didn't have a mortgage or bills or still want to eat. Regardless, we are trying to stick more away just in case we find ourselves on the wrong end of the picket line.

We have managed to do something out of the ordinary, per our New Years Resolution. January's was the spontaneous beach trip. February (Beloved's 45th birthday) we went bowling. I know, not exciting. Not like scaling Kilimanjaro or sky-diving, but it was fun and not something we've done together.

I don't know what we'll do for March. Maybe go hiking.

Currently, we are remodeling the orange room. The orange, shag, dog fur infested carpet is gone. The rock wall is less "rocky", and after tomorrow the cement pedestal should be just a faint memory. Pictures to follow.

I've been watching those silly wedding shows and have suddenly decided to do something party like for our 25th wedding anniversary in November. We don't have family that would do this for us and our children are indentured to their respective college's and are thus BROKE. Any party that we are going to have will have to be thrown by us.

And considering that I HATED MY WEDDING DAY because it was my mother's and not mine, means that I want to do something special.

I don't want to "renew" our vows, because....I just don't want to, but I do want a party. I just can't decide what kind. Should it be an intimate dinner party with candles and flowers and a handful of close friends? Or a wild, loud, romp about with everybody and their kiddies? Of course, we could just scrap that entire thing and go lay on a tropical beach together and forget that we live in a world of bills and budgets and time keepers.

I googled to make sure it was "appropriate" to host your own 25th wedding anniversary party and those google folks seem to think it's okay.

Lucky you, I'll be sharing more on this later :)

It seems I'm only able to blog every month. We both know I'd like to lie and say that I'll be better, but I won't.


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Otto Marasco American Interests said...

Thanks for being so candid ... Life can be quite a challenge at the best of times .... Here's hoping you and yours will be better ... And happy 25th anniversary ...
p.s. you commented on a past blog of mine on January 26, 2009.

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