Tuesday, July 19, 2011


So, an attitude adjustment does help the long drive across town to work. It helps me to deal with all the unpleasant things at the other property; the backstabbing, the stoopid questions, the being yelled at, and my personal favorite, the being set up.

It helps.

In reality, this reality, this real life that I am living, there will be no parties.

No good time Charlie.


Who on earth has time for all that?

But my hair is super cute.

And we are having the house re-plumbed - this is what you get when you purchase a 40+ year old house.

OOHHHHH but I do love my little green house on the corner!

But it's so quiet with Girl gone.

Attitude is everything.

It helps you to not off yourself when the boredom starts to eat your brain in the hours between driving to your job.

Hey, I didn't say I had a good attitude!

I do.

For the most part.


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Barrie said...

I used to have a 40+ minute drive to work. I loved it. It was a great alone time.