Sunday, June 05, 2011

If I Could Make it all Fall in Line

I wake up every morning of the work week at 4:30am, but don't crawl out of bed until 5:15am.

I leave the house at 7:15am.

I return home at 5:40pm-ish.

Most mornings I get in some Bible time.

Some mornings I don't.

The gym has been hit and miss for the last four weeks, with a little more miss than hit.

The housework is UNENDING.

I just want to pull it together and make everything run smoothly, but I'm failing in just about every department except my employment.



Island Rider said...

I am not much better, but may I suggest getting up when the alarm clock goes off and using that 45 minutes a different way? I do not know about your lunch break, but that could also be used for exercise time even if it is just for a walk.

Annie said...

Island Rider - I have been thinking the same thing. The flesh is weak! Gah!

Betty Craker Henderson said...

You may find this sort of silly but why don't you look up ? She is a real expert at organization. I don't follow her religiously but many people do and I must say utilizing just a few of her methods really really helps. Good luck. Let us know if it works, ok?

Annie said...

Hi Betty, Who should I look up? Email :)

heather @ mrs. southern bride said...

Ugh! I'm always behind too, if I don't write list or goals for myself each week.

Sandcastle Momma said...

You're not alone. I want to be one of those really organized people but seem to live a pretty chaotic life instead. If you find an answer let me know!