Saturday, March 05, 2011

I Think I'll Adopt Her

When I first met her, frankly, I never thought she'd last as an employee at the gym. She was too cute, too young, and she came off a bit snooty.

I couldn't have been more wrong.

Little Miss AG is a doll! I love everything about her. She is sharp as a tack, witty, and so fun to work with. She fell in love with our gym girls and in return they adored her.

A few months ago she asked me if I thought she should apply for a job in her field, even though she lacked experience. She has a degree and was working at our little gym to make ends meet. Little Miss AG was too smart to toil away her days and her brains at the gym. Of course, I encouraged her to apply even if the job seemed a little out of her league. The mother hen in me rejoiced when she was offered a part time position with a great company.

I suppose we all knew that sooner or later her new boss would see what the rest of saw: AG is a rock star!

Today was AG's last day at the gym. I'm so happy for her and so sad to see her go. I'll miss her curly hair. I'll miss her funny laugh. I'll miss how she rolls her eyes when someone is ridiculous and the way those same eyes dance with mischief when she's joking with someone.

I'm gonna miss this kid.

I asked if we could keep in touch and if we could be Facebook friends. AG looked at me with a shocked expression and said, "Aren't we friends?" Man, I love this kid! I remember the first shift she worked after New Years, when she burst into the gym to show me her new engagement ring. She told me how excited she was to get to work so that she could share her big news.

I swear it's like she's one my kids.

Goodbye pretty little girl. You will be dearly missed.

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Betty Craker Henderson said...

All we have to do is open up and we make the most amazing friends, don't we? I'll bet you can keep up with her on Facebook and Twitter though!