Sunday, December 26, 2010

Learning Curve

It's been an interesting holiday.

I missed my boy. He phoned early Christmas morning though. He shared what he'd done Christmas day and how the Mennonite's, who are staying in the same neighborhood, brought them Christmas cookies. Since we have only heard good things from him about India, I asked if he wanted to come home, or if he planned to extended his stay and continue his work there.

"Oh no, I want to come home so bad! I'm here mentally and in it for the long haul, but I can't wait to come home."

I assure you that I was happy to receive that gift of good news!

We've had a house guest since early in the week. We were so happy to share our home and hoped that she would have a happy holiday with us. It hasn't turned out that way and I think I've learned an important lesson: you cannot make other people happy.

This is a struggle for me, because frankly, I like to be the hostess with the mostess. I like to show people a good time. But this year I have learned that all the baking, running around, and crafts to not ensure a Merry Christmas. Nor does a church service, or the simple truths of God.

Which leads to my new understanding of people and my expectations of them and me. Basically, I think I need to get over myself and just let it be. In all honesty, I thought I had, but yesterday proved to me that I really hadn't. It wasn't a beautiful, peaceful day filled with good food and fun and games. It was a day that produced a bunch of work and I'm pretty sure no one had a good time.


I'm thankful that Christmas isn't really about all that. Not really and that if I keep in mind that Jesus is the reason for the season, than it was a good day!

I'm a slow learner.

But I get there eventually!


Island Rider said...

I bet they had a better time than you think. What you need to learn to do is simplify so that you have a good time, too.

Roo said...

I understand what you cannot make other people happy. I've tried too and it only ends up making me unhappy and in tears.

Merry Christmas anyway. And have a wonderful New Year my friend!