Tuesday, December 14, 2010

And Then it Died

My Beloved has a lot of great talents.

Fixing a computer is not one of them. I admit that as our computer began to fail that I tried a few little tricks that I know. None of them worked. I was ready to call in the geek squad but Beloved thought he'd give it a go.

It didn't go so well.

As I sit here, at the library computer, I cannot help but wonder what possessed my hammer and nail husband to think he could tinker with the complex inner workings of technology neither of us truly understands. I'll just chalk it up to it being a "male thing".

There's a lot going on with Christmas and all that. Boy is in India and truly loving the work he is doing, the sights he is seeing and the food he is eating.

Girl is all ready for college to begin in January. Now if they'd just tell us whether or not she's gotten any financial aid, that would be great.

I've a got some health things going on...and I really don't care to discuss them, but would appreciate any prayers you throw my way.

Until my next library visit or our computer is repaired, I bid you a very, very Merry Christmas.


Travis Erwin said...

May Santa bring you a new 'puter for Christmas.

tootie said...

I will say a prayer for you! Merry early Christmas!

Roo said...

Merry Christmas Annie. And my prayers are with you. Good luck with whatever issues you're facing.

Island Rider said...


Betty Craker Henderson said...

Hope by this time the computer is fixed, the money has come in, and the kid has contacted you and not some dread disease.

The prayers are on the way upward and a very Merry Christmas right back to you!