Friday, November 26, 2010


We had our first snow fall at the little green house on the corner. While there wasn't much snow, there was a bitter, biting cold that settled in the neighborhood and made us all thankful for our heated homes. Thankfully, the rain brought forty degree temperatures and a return to normal Pacific Northwest weather.

We also celebrated our first Thanksgiving in our new house. We are so thankful for those who shared the day with us, even though the only family who showed up was FIL. The table was beautifully decorated by Girl and Boy was home to share his hysterical stories from Idaho and Utah.

We will be hosting our very first overnight guest for Christmas. Since family doesn't seem to be a big priority any more and Boy will be in India, we decided to invited a single lady who lives out of state and has no family. She was thrilled to accept our invitation and we are looking forward to her visit.

I took my first Zumba class and let me just say that if you haven't tried Zumba, you simply must! So fun and such a great workout! I cannot wait to share it with the ladies at work.

Beloved received the largest paycheck of his career. We celebrated by paying our bills.

We also participated for the first time ever in Black Friday. Since Boy is heading out of the country in a smattering of days, we opted to give him his Christmas present early. Thankfully, there was an awesome buy on a very nice digital camera that is perfect for traveling. I just want to say that Black Friday shoppers at Target are insane, however, the shoppers at Home Depot were totally cool.

I should also mention that the Home Depot staff were pleasant and so helpful. They passed out maps with the location of ALL the Black Friday specials and they served coffee, cocoa and pastry to the folks standing in line. They even opened before their advertised 5:00 am schedule.

The entire event took us exactly one hour to complete.

The last first to share has to do with Boy and Girl taking off to hang out together. Ahhh...So sweet! Just don't tell them I said so!

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Betty Craker Henderson said...

If I really thought Black Friday were as simple as that I might try it myself but it is so much easier to sit here and drink a cuppa hot tea in a warm house and order off the internet!