Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Idiot Girl Moment Number 215

I am a mother, which means I must be forgiven for all the doofy things I do. I gave birth to this child. I cleaned up after her. I went months without sleep, while she screamed her little blonde head off. This is my pass to forgiveness.

I'm just sayin'.

Today, I dropped my little girl off at the local Jr. college so she could take her placement test. Then I drove about four minutes away to the local mall to kill two hours. Little Girl is ssoooo smart that she whipped right through that test in 1.25 hours. She sent me a txt and I was on my way.

If yourJr. college is like our Jr. college than you know there is NO parking.



Really? Don't they pay folks to figure these things out?

Just askin'.

So, anyway, I arrive at the school and txt Little Girl that I am waiting.

No response

I txt her again and tell her where I am waiting...remember there is NO parking to be had.

No response

At this point a few minutes have passed and I'm getting pretty annoyed. I txt Little Girl AGAIN and then I call her.


I call her again

and again

and again

and still she doesn't answer her phone.

I phone her again, leaving her a message this time and telling her that I am looking for a place to park and I'm coming in.

But I cannot find a place to park!

So, I call her again....and again...and again....

and leave the following voicemail:


At this point I am on the verge of hysterics. I am certain, down to the core of my being, that someone has absconded with my little blonde girl.

I'm just getting ready to throw the car in park and run RUN into building number nine when who comes sauntering out the door, but my little, blonde, carefree, girl.

She opens the car door and I nearly scream at here saying, "Where have you been!!!!!!!!!"

Ahem...I need a moment...

It turns out that her cell phone did not pick up any of those calls or txts. She was waiting the entire time but couldn't see me from her vantage point.

She was trying not to laugh and I told her it wasn't funny. NOT. ONE. BIT.

I just knew one of those perverts, creeper, stalker, deadbeats had knocked her on the head and carried her off.

Hours later, it's kinda funny.


I just don't think I'm ready for her to go to college. Even if it is only Jr. College.

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T. Paine said...

Yeah... it isn't any easier when you are a Dad.

And my little girl has decided to sign up for the Navy as a corpsman.

Yeah, I am not worried a bit...NOT!